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Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt(2)

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"My desire is you, my lovely princess. You serve me dligently, without question. You submit yourself to my embrace without defiance, and you love me, without another thought. You are more than a slave, forced into my arms. You are mine, willingly and by your own choice." And as he made this declaration, his chubby hand began to paw over her round behind.

And so it was at this point that Princess Leia submitted her beautiful body to her Jabba the Hutt once again and began another long hour of pleasure with her powerful master. Months ago, she'd never have dreamed of this turn of events, of being a willing partner to the disgusting Hutt Lord. And yet as she came to know Jabba, both for his morbidly obese, but also oddly pleasurable body, as well as his complex and faceted mind, molded in ways completely normal to the Hutt species, she came to appreciate him as the superior being and love him for choosing her as his favorite slave girl, the lover to end all lovers.

The following is their story..

Part I: Leia's Meeting with a Retired Crime Lord It had been several years since the Battle of Endor, culminating in the destruction of the Empire with the deaths of the Emperor and his right-hand man Darth Vader at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. The New Republic was reinstating its rule throughout the galaxy, trying to mop up remnants of the Imperial regime while also cracking down on the criminal dregs that the former government had let slide into comfortable obscurity. Piracy and Bounty Hunting were soon outlawed and while indentured servitude still flourished, the outright forced slavery of individuals was completely abolished by the Republic. This was good news to many individuals...except the Hutt Clans, whose business acumen and indeed very well-being depended on those peoples that had been forced to serve them. Due to this, a sort of secret war had been started, with the Hutt Clans seceding further and further away from the Republic's reach and continuing their sordid practices unhinged. Obviously, this did not go over


Jabba the Hutt.


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well with the Republic. And so a diplomat, one of the highest ranking members of the Republic and a former hero of the Rebel Alliance had been picked to settle matters with the Hutt Clans, in order to negotiate a peace treaty with the two factions. That individual was the fierce, but still delightfully charming and beautiful Princess Leia.

As an expert in diplomatic relations, a tactful compat specialist, and one of the few individuals who knew several languages fluidly (notably Huttese, a recent accomplishment), Princess Leia had been tasked with gaining admittance to the palace stronghold of Jabba the Hutt, the current de facto leader of the Hutt Clans. He was once arguably the most powerful crime lord in the galaxy, but upon seeing the winds of change 3 years ago with the New Republic coming into power, had renounced almost all of his criminal dealings, and chosen to invest his mass wealth made in blood money in different enterprises, so that the bulbous slug could live in comfortable luxury without the need to worry about his financial status. It was known that Jabba still practiced the smuggling of drugs and spices and was still the top Glitterstim kingpin in the galaxy, and was even known to dabble in the occasional matter of extortion or loan sharking, but for the most part, Jabba had kept his word in being an honest businessman.

Leia had had previous history with the former crime lord, when he'd put a bounty on Han Solo's head for dropping a load of spice many years ago. Fortunately, after Han was frozen in carbonite and Fett took him into his custody, Leia and her friends had managed to follow the bounty hunter to a spaceport he'd docked at to refuel and with the help of Luke and Lando, managed to kill the infamous bounty hunter and reclaim the carbonized form of Han Solo before it could be delivered to Jabba. She'd heard through various info-channels that the Hutt had been furious with the loss of his prize, but upon hearing of Fett's destruction, had decided to revoke the bounty on Han's head as "If Fett couldn't do it, no one could" and would later use this as a token of goodwill towards the New Republic after the destruction of the Empire. Looking back on this, the princess sort of wished Jabba had gotten the carbonite block from Fett. It would've saved her much pain in the long run....

She arrived at Jabba the Hutt's desert citadel. She was not dressed particularly fancily, wearing a mere military jumpsuit that was less than former, but still managed to cling to her slender physique rather well. It showed off her smooth, athletic legs and her tight, firm tummy, but otherwise, wasn't on the particularly scandolous side.



Bib Fortuna, Jabba's majordomo.
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