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Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt(22)

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"Someday, you will learn to pace yourself with me, so that you have release when I have release." Leia can only nod dumbly, still overwhelmed with the aching soreness of her loins from her master's violent abuse. Still, looking upon the massive, obese form of the Hutt lounging lazily upon his throne, Leia cannot help but feel exceedingly attracted to the Hutt and his arrogance. His need to be in control and to have her be submissive. She likes this.

She decides to show her Hutt master just how good a slave girl she can be. Still nude, she crawls on all fours towards the grotesque Lord, her bare breasts swaying back and forth as she grins lasciviously at her master. The crowds of people who have watched the Hutt and his slave girl's love making session, gaze at Leia's slender form and creamy skin with lust of their own and Leia feels empowered by their looks of desire. She straddles Jabba's bulky tail, letting the residual wetness of her ejaculate flow and lubricate Jabba's big member and she smiles as the Hutt's libido is aroused and his tail hardens again. She looks up at Jabba with the intoxicating look of a slut and then begins to kiss and lick the outside of Jabba's disgusting girth. The vile Hutt rumbles in pleasure and leans back further on his throne, his gut balooning out as he enjoys his favorite slave girl's ministrations. Commited to her new place as slave, Leia works the crime lord into a lather, and then when the throbbing member is fully swollen, she takes it fully into her mouth, up to the back of her throat and begins to suck and lick Jabba's thick tail with a newfound burst of sexual energy.

Jabba the Hutt licks his lips with his scum coated tongue, smiling in pleasure as his Leia begins to get into a proper rhythm. As she continues to devour his throbbing tail, the gluttonous Hutt reaches into his snackaquarium, his pudgy hand fishing about for a tasty morsel to complete the perfect moment. His hand closes over a particularly fat and juicy paddy frog. As Leia's head continues to bob up and down on the Hutt's wiggling tail, Jabba brings the wriggling creature to his drooling mouth and stuffs the squealing creature in. Letting the creature squirm in his mouth for a minute or so, the fat slug finally begins to chew on the live snack slowly, letting bits of half eaten frog juice and slp dribble from his lips and slide onto Leia's shoulders and chest as the Hutt swallows the rest of the mangled animal down his throat. Leia ignores the offensive behavior of her master, scarcely believing he just chose to partake of a snack while she gives him a blow job, and instead feels the build up in the Hutt's body and with a series of erotically charged licks, brings the Hutt to another pleasure ridden orgasm. Jabba gurgles in satisfaction as his tail contracts and spasms in his slave's mouth, and has it leaves her lips, limp and spent, he ushers his naked slave girl closer to him. She rises and leans against the doughy rolls of fat that comprise the Hutt's bulk. Her face is mere inches from his drooling lips as Jabba reaches out with his tongue and plans another slimy kiss onto Leia's lips, a wet and stinking burp escaping his mouth in the process. Leia cannot help herself. She coughs and gags at the revolting experience, but Jabba seems less offended. Only amused. "I find it fun to gross my girls out. I was getting bored with your lack of reaction to me."

Leia regained her composure and pushed herself back up against the bloated slob. "Oh Master. You are very disgusting. Trust me." Her feistyness shows for but a moment and she hopes her master will not punish her for speaking out of turn. She winces, awaiting her punishment, but instead, Jabba only laughs, more waves of stench exiting his maw. "And yet you choose me, my little Kahnkee. I own you and will do with you as I wish. As long as you understand that, continue to be grossed out. It will make this all more...enjoyable.." His stubby hand goes to cup one of her soft tits and he groans in response.

"Lay with me. We sleep now. Tomorrow I think...will be just like today.."

Ignoring her costume, Leia adjusted some cushions near the Hutt's bulky belly and then leaned her slender form against the obese and stinking form of her new Hutt master. As her lithe body was engulfed by the flabby rolls of flesh of Jabba's bloated belly, Jabba clutched the chain of his favorite slave in a meaty hand, and pulled her leash, keeping her close. His long tail slithered against her thighs as the Hutt leaned back on his throne, raising a tubby arm for the rest of his court to retire for the evening. Sleep overtaking him and his slave, Jabba grasps one more squirming frog from his snack bowl and stuffs the tasty appetizer into his mouth, chewing slowly for a moment, and then swallowing noisily. With a hideous burp, Jabba drifts off to sleep, and Leia, his slave girl and lover, slumbers with her master. Her galaxy may have gotten a lot smaller, but in her view, her new life was perfect.

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