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Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt(24)

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"either you or jaina will, it depends on who he chooses" Nala replied. leia nodded and then her hair was done in a pony tail and bun and held with golden hair fasteners. then they handed a mirror to leia to look at herself with and the first thing leia asked was "will master jabba like it"

to which nala replied "yes." leia then smiled and stood up and walked through the halls into jabbas throne room where jaina was already waiting, dressed in a very revealing blue outfit. jabba sat on his throne and Nala walked in with four chains two had collars the other two were manicles it seemed whoever would not be jabbas favorite would be a slave that feeds jabba. jabba eyed up his new slave.

"for my personal slave girl I choose" both of his new slaves were anxious looking "Leia" jabba said. leia nearly jumped up and down as Nala walked to leia and put the collar around her neck that matched her costume. leia felt how tight it was around her neck and smiled then walked to jabba and kissed him along his stomach tail and head "thank you master" Nala walked to jabba and handed him leia's leash then locked it to the throne. then she attached the manacles to jaina and attached a chain in between then locked it to jabbas armrest then handed jaina a tray full of food and huttese wine. then Leia fell back and felt jabbas slime against her skin, and once again smiled.

Leia layed against her masters bulging belly enjoying the feeling of jabbas slime on her back arms neck and head with her eyes closed, while jaina fed jabba paddy frogs. both leia and jaina were happy as slaves, but something was different about Leia than jabbas other slaves besides her rank, other slaves tolerated being around their obese master, leia loved being around him, she loved it when he touched her, loved it when he yanked her leash, she espessially loved jabbas slime being on her. she rarely ever left her masters side nor did Jaina. Even though Jabba didn't choose jaina as his favorite slave Jaina was fine the way she was, for she knew her master was happy therefore she was happy. As Jaina fed jabba he looked down at his beautiful and favorite slave girl, he thought how happy he was that he didn't have to show Leia or Jaina that this was their rightful place, it was always so tedious and it explains why he never chose a lover because they didn't choose he had to convince them. Leia as she was laying on jabbas belly enjoying his cold slime she felt a familar hand stroke her shoulder, a hand she knew well for it has caressed her breasts more than once, and Leia eyes still closed turned her head to face her masters hand and kissed it whenever it was close enough to.

Leia then felt a tug on her leash which she enjoyed but she knew what her master wanted so she opened her eyes and got on her knees facing her master and kissed her masters face lovingly, then felt jabbas tail snake up her leg then up her skirts, carressing her butt cheeks, leia stopped kissing jabba for a moment and looked at her master "please master do it" leia said. Jabbas tail snaked its way between her legs and stroked her womanhood, leia fell against jabba her head under his and arms over his body, then jabbas tail wormed inside her womanhood and leia gasped in pain and pleasure, then jabba started pumping inside of her and Leia began to scream in pain, this went on for about three minutes then her screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure that coensided with jabbas thrusts, she had never felt this kind of pleasure before, she loved it, this was the first time she made love to her master and she absolutely loved it, even making love to han was never this good. The thrusts kept going on and leia in to much pleasure to stop holding her master the way she was, so jaina setting her tray down went over the armrest with her manacles still on went to jabba and began kissing her master starting at the bottom of his stomach to his lips then jabba ordered jaina to stop and then licked her face. after 15 minutes of jabbas tail being in her leia managed to reach her hand over her back and romoved her top and brushed her breasts against jabba's body, jabba with an eager pudgy hand jabba caressed leias breasts,

"master may I be caressed" Jaina said hopefully as she romoved her top and cast it aside. but instead jabba had an order

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