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Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt(25)

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"romove her bottom and I will jaina" jabba said, and jaina slowly romoved leias bottom and unhooked the hip fastener so it fell on the side of the throne then jaina because she knew it would make master happy, kissed jabbas tail then returned to let jabba caress her breasts

leia managed to squeeze out a sentence through her moans of pleasure "harder master please go harder* leia begged her orgasm imminent, she gasped as jabba pumped her harder and deeper and she had her orgasm, and jabba pumped her for 10 more minutes then pulled her tail out of her womanhood, and jabba stopped caressing both leia and jainas breasts, and leia collapsed on her masters belly still naked, jabba then started petting leias bare back, "th-th-thank you master" leia said then the two of jabbas slaves fell asleep leia in her masters arms and jaina in Leias. Leia woke up in her masters arms, covered in her masters slime and Jabbas chubby arms around her naked back, she remembered the amazing love making session from last night, and she looked over and realized Jaina wasn't in her arms, wasn't she last night when they went to sleep? But to her releif she looked over to see her, still without the top of her costume, on the other end of jabbas armrest with huttese wine, ready to feed her master. they stayed there until her master woke up, and looked down at his beautiful slave "good morning my slave" jabba said in basic.

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