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Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt(4)

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revolting! As Jabba asked her of her business with him, she swore she could here the screams of torture from the little creature as it disappeared down the monster's throat, but forced her gag reflex down and spoke, commandingly, but still courteously,

"Great One, The Republic is aware that you represent the Hutt Clans as their leader and overall decision maker in matters political or otherwise. I seek to talk with you about a truce between our two factions, so that we may better serve each other to the best of our ability."

She needed to demonstrate to the Hutt that she was more than just a pretty face, that she was a respected and powerful individuals. In his heyday, Jabba the Hutt was known for being quite the lech when it came to humanoid girls and was notorious for forcing many into being his pleasure slaves. His harem was supposedly one of the most exotic in the planet. There were rumours that Jabba still HAD a harem, but Leia was keen not to find this out....the hard way.

Jabba rumbled as he considered the princess' words, "Go on. I'm listening." He gurgled, remnants of the lizard-creature and flecks of slop dripping from his lower lip. Leia tried to keep it together.

"In return for financial support from the Hutt Clans, as well as your species overall agreement to abide by our new laws, we are prepared to offer you the freedom to conduct your businesses as you see fit, with no government regulation or taxes on our part. We are also willing to offer the Clans the full backing of the Republic's military for protection and to solve disputes that the Hutts may find...unfavorable." In her view, the deal was politically sound.

The corpulent Lord chuckled slowly, a sound that was hideous and discomforting. He leaned back on his throne, shitfting his blubbery body as he contemplated Leia's proposal.

"The Hutt Clans have always been at odds with every government that has risen throughout this galaxy. The Empire had similar offers to your so-called 'Republic' which we Hutts abided by. They allowed us to practice our crimal activities so long as we admitted that they were the superior power in the galaxy, which we dreadfully bit our tongues and agreed to. They also demanded our financial support. Does this not sound familiar to you, Miss Leia?"

Leia grimaced as the fat Hutt slurred her name in his native tongue, trying to hide her offensiveness. "Yes, well, you see, our offer is..."But she was cut off as Jabba raised a tubby arm.

"And yet does your Republic know what the Hutt Clans really want, what they wanted from the Empire, but were never granted? Our species wants former prejudices abolished."

Leia was shocked. She hadn't planned this to come up. She figured Jabba would immediately seize the opportunity at the mention of the Republic's gracious demand. She wondered what the Hutt was getting at.

"The Empire let us pursue our ventures as we pleased, but you and I both know that the Empire was xenophobic. They loathed our species. They found our culture morbid, our lifestyles disgusting, our very visages were an affront to the supposed 'perfect beauty' of biped races. Does the Republic not feel the same way?" Jabba fumed, slamming his pudgy arm on his armrest. Leia remained silent as the former gangster continued to rant.



Jabba argues with Leia.


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"I have, minus a few enterprises, renounced my status as a crime lord, the GREATEST crime lord in the galaxy. And yet this entire meeting, you have looked upon me with disgust. My very presence causes you to gag with revulsion. Your Republic is no different than the Empire. They hold no love or respect for the Hutts. You only TOLERATE us." As if to punctuate the comment, Jabba grabbed another creature from his food bowl and tossed the squeaking morsel into his mouth, chomping on it violently as he eyed the princess-diplomat in loathing.
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